Electric Dirt Bikes Last Longer and Reduce Waste

There are far fewer moving parts and components in an electric dirt bike. The result of that means that electric dirt bikes are far less likely to go wrong when compared to petrol-powered bikes. That, in turn, increases their lifespan.

 Petrol-powered dirt bikes tend to get divided into 2 categories, 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Both types of bikes have internal combustion engines with an exhaust, cylinders, fuel pipes, a crankshaft and pistons. There is a lot to maintain and more that can go wrong.

 Electric dirt bike owners can look forward to a more cost-effective future as they won’t be wasting money on endless spare parts, repairs, and maintenance. And, because their electric dirt bikes will last longer, they will have less reason to replace them as frequently.


TAKANI Shares Your Environmental Goals

 One of the key drivers in the love we have for electric dirt bikes here at TAKANI is our concern for the environment. When we talk to parents, we know that the environmental credentials of what they buy for their kids matter and are often their top priority.

 Advances in electric dirt bike technology mean that there is next to no compromise in terms of performance. And, the electric dirt bike has green credentials that fuel-powered bikes can only dream of.

 That makes them the most environmentally friendly dirt bike on the market and an excellent way to educate children on the benefits of electric power over fossil fuels.

 Here are our top 11 environmental reasons why you should go for an electric dirt bike for kids every time:

  • They produce zero emissions
  • They do not contribute to environmental pollution, including noise
  • They have long-lasting batteries
  • Their lighter weight causes less damage to roads when used for transport
  • You can power their batteries from sustainable energy
  • They replace alternative bikes that would cause environmental harm
  • They’re a healthier option for the rider
  • They reduce the owner’s and rider’s carbon footprint
  • They’re energy-efficient
  • Advances in batteries mean they go the distance and perform well
  • They teach children how to care more about their environment


Get in Touch with TAKANI Today

We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about electric dirt bikes for kids. These environmentally friendly dirt bikes are our passion so we’re always on hand to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

 Get in touch with us at TAKANI today and you could soon be helping your kids secure a greener future.

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