Pre-Order Terms

Pre-Order Terms


For products that are in high demand, we may choose to offer Pre-Order options for upcoming deliveries to our warehouse. This at our sole discretion and is not available for each item.

A Pre-Order is an item that has not yet come into stock at our warehouse, but you can raise a pre-order to secure your spot in the queue once delivery to customers commences. Pre-ordering is a way to increase the prospect for you to secure a product and to lower the risk that you are missing out on a product. It helps to secure a product in a timeframe that suits your circumstances.

A partially paid or fully paid Pre-Order is not a guarantee to you that you are going to receive a product, nor is it a guarantee that you are going to receive a product by a certain date. Please understand that the product is still in transport and common supply chain challenges can occur and are beyond our control.

Final supply quantities, delivery date into our warehouse, internal processing and dispatching times are estimated based on experience and are subject to change without prior notice by the manufacturer/supplier (e.g., due to miscounts, transport damages, non-qualifying items detected in quality checks, etc.). In such instances, your order quantity may have to be cancelled in entirety by our side.  We will inform you in time and refund your deposit. 

If you purchase an item as Pre-order, you commit to purchase this item. You commit to pay a deposit and agree that the remainder of the purchase price will be deducted automatically through the same payment channel that was utilised for the initial deposit payment.

If the payment for the remainder of the full purchase price cannot be actioned within the communicated deadline (for example due to insufficient funds or expired/blocked credit cards, etc.) you surrender your Pre-Order and your queue in the line.

We guarantee that we will process and dispatch Pre-Orders on a ‘first-in -> first out’ basis.

On occasion, we may choose to:

  • limit the Pre-Order quantity to a certain number of products per customer, or
  • combine Pre-Orders with special promotions/discounts.

If so, we will announce the information on our e-commerce platform.


Pre-Order items generally have the option to either pay the purchase price in full or to pay a reduced amount as deposit and then automatically pay the remaining full balance upon before the dispatch date.

The deposit, whether it partial or in full, secures a line in the queue, but it is non-refundable for change-of-mind and non-transferable. 

The deposit will be fully refunded only if we are not able to dispatch your product:

  • within the promised timeline, or
  • not at all due to limited supply.

Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee of 5% of the full purchase price is applicable to any Pre-Order cancellation. This is to cover internal administrative fees. In addition, we reserve the right to get re-imbursed for any third-party fees that occurred to us for processing your Pre-Order and prior to your cancellation, for example credit card fees, e-commerce platform fees or similar. We will communicate these fees to you as they occurred.

A 5% cancellation fee is applicable regardless of the order cancellation is initiated by you, or by us (the seller) due to outstanding full payment at the set date.

3 days grace period: If you changed your mind within three days from placing the Pre-Order, then you may cancel your order without cancellation fee.

To cancel an order, please submit a request here:

Release/Dispatch Date

Please note that Pre-Order dates and dispatch dates are estimates only and subject to change without notice. These estimates are based on the best information that we have available at the time. Date changes are beyond our control and due to the discretion of our distributors, logistics service providers and the manufacturers.

Pre-Order product arrival dates are estimates only and can be affected by events beyond our control. To prevent unnecessary frustration, we do not recommend purchasing Pre-order products for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions that are close to the estimated dispatch dates. Please contact us for further clarification as required.

Change In Price

If the Pre-Order item price increases on arrival on our e-commerce platform, we will still honour the price that was advertised at the time you made your Pre-Order regardless of whether you paid in full or a partial deposit.

However, we do from time to time, need to increase prices on arrival and those that have not pre-Ordered will be subject to that new price when it is made available (“In Stock”) on our e-commerce platform.

Policy Updates

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify or update the Pre-Order policy, with or without notice to the User and published on our e-commerce platform. Any such modification will be effective immediately and applicable for any pre-order placed after the public posting. Your continued use of e-commerce platform following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these updated and modified Terms.