How long does the battery last?

Run time depends on many variables. In practice,

  • the rider weight,
  • power and speed settings,
  • ground conditions (soft or hard),
  • terrain (uphill, downhill or flat),

have most influence on how long the battery lasts. Basically, the harder the electric motor works, the higher are the internal currents that keep the wheels turning. The highest currents occur when accelerating, uphill riding and riding on soft ground. High currents will empty the battery faster.

We advertise TAKANI dirt bikes and balance bikes with a runtime of approx. 1 hour. This is an average run time and is based on the many tests we have conducted with 20-35kg riders in turfed Aussie backyards, as well as on hard packed, uneven training tracks and single trails.


Is a 1 hour runtime sufficient?

We found a runtime of 1 hour to be the best compromise between battery size, battery weight, battery cost and performance.
In our experience young riders start losing concentration well before the battery is empty.
You should also consider that you must constantly monitor the rider ... and 1 hour can become quite 'stretchy'.


Can I get more runtime than 1 hour?

Yes, if 1 hour runtime is not sufficient for you, TAKANI offers affordable swapper-kits and spare batteries for our electric dirt bikes. This allows you to swap batteries within 3 minutes (similar time, but cleaner than e.g. refilling a petrol tank).


How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Please review the technical specification of each electric dirt bike model. As a ‘rule of thumb’:

  • TAKANI Dirt bike: From fully discharged, our standard rate charger will charge the battery for 2-3 hours to full charge.
  • TAKANI Balance bike: From fully discharged, our charger will charge the battery for 2-3 hours to full charge.

If you are on a weekend trip without electricity, you could connect the charger to a 12V/240V inverter and charge from your car battery. Inverters are available at your local car/camping accessories retailer. Alternatively you can charge using a generator.


Can I race in competitions with your electric dirt bikes?

TAKANI electric dirt bikes are designed for private use, specifically for backyards and training tracks. Our electric bikes are not designed for public facilities, road use, competition or race events.


Are spare parts available?

Yes, TAKANI is here to stay. All wear and spare parts for TAKANI electric bikes and TAKANI electric balance bikes are available and locally stocked in Brisbane. This includes frames, bearings, plastics, electronic components, brakes, hardware etc. If you cannot find the specific part in our webstore, it does NOT mean we don't have it. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any parts or technical enquiries.


Can I fit stabilisers to the dirt bikes?

As parents ourselves, we have decided not to offer training wheels or stabilisers for our bike range. In our view, motorcycle control requires riders, who are ready to ride. Keeping balance is one (of the critical) indicators for ‘rider-readiness’. If your child cannot balance yet, we do not recommend purchasing an electric dirt bike in our view.

TAKANI offers electric balance bikes that are perfectly suited to practice balance, hand-eye coordination and throttle control in a controllable and playful way. TAKANI electric balance bikes are the best and fun coaches, before upgrading to an electric dirt bike.


Where can I ride a TAKANI electric dirt bikes?

You can ride our electric dirt bikes on private property, such as backyards and/or dedicated dirt bike training tracks. Always adhere to local regulations when using our products!


What is the minimum rider age?

Each bike is different, so please refer to the minimum rider age listed in the technical specification of each product. Use by younger riders than shown in the specifications is at parents’ discretion and at your own risk.


Why is the electric dirt bike seat height so low, considering your minimum rider age recommendation?

There are two reasons:

1) We market our dirt bikes as ‘Midi’ bikes for youth riders. They are not full scale/size bikes, but also not ‘Mini’ bikes either. They are 'Midi'.

2) Our minimum age recommendation is in line with major brands of similar products. Parents can choose at their own discretion and risk, which vehicle they purchase for their children and what speed setting they choose.


How do I best clean my electric dirt bike?

When your bike is soiled, please remove the fuse and close the charging port rubber cap. Use some mild detergent, a bucket of water and a brush to soften dry dirt. Rinse the externals of the bike with a garden hose. Take care not to point the water stream into the electronics, specifically, the battery opening, controller area and handle bar electronics. Thoroughly dry the bike with a soft cloth. If available, use some pressured air to remove left over droplets from openings, crevices, electronic connectors. etc. Ensure there are no water droplets in the contacts of the charging port.

Let the bike dry for a minimum of 2 hours before inserting the fuse or the charger. Clean the chain with degreaser, lubricate and adjust chain tension as required. Refer to more cleaning details in our 'How to' videos and the instruction manual.


Can I use a pressure washer?

No, our bikes are not designed for pressure washer cleaning.


Can I use the bike in muddy or wet conditions?

No. The electric bike is not waterproof. The bike is not designed for mud or riding in rainy or wet conditions or submerging. However, (while not ideal) occasional small/shallow puddles or wet turf do not damage the bike as long as you completely clean and thoroughly dry the bike immediately after use. Frequent and continuous use in wet conditions will reduce the lifetime of the bike. It will damage the electronics and can result in random bike failures.

If you are planning to ride in wet and muddy conditions, we recommend purchasing other off-road vehicles that are designed for this purpose.


Do you assemble the TAKANI bike? How is it delivered?

  • Electric Dirt Bike: Our dirt bike will be delivered to you packed and 90% pre-assembled. It comes in a solid steel frame, that is wrapped in a carton box. You are required to unpack and assemble the handle bar, the front mud guard, the front wheel and the rear shock bolt. With ordinary DIY skills and DIY hand tools this should not take longer than 1h.
  • Electric Balance Bike: Our balance bikes come 80% pre-assembled in a carton box. You are required to mount the handle bar and the front wheel. Ordinary DIY skills are required. Approx. 15 minutes assembly time.

Please view our ‘How To’ video section on the TAKANI webstore or on youtube.

From time to time we have promotions. For example as an introductory offer TAKANI assembles and delivers all dirt bikes and balance bikes within Brisbane region at no cost to you. Keep an eye on the TAKANI webstore for changing promotions.


What are the shipping fees?

Electric Dirt Bike: We can ship our product to you on the Eastern Seaboard at an approximate cost of 60-80AUD. Please contact us for an individual quote.

Electric Balance Bike: We can ship our product to you for approx. 40 AUD. Please refer to the checkout information in our webstore.

Please review newest information in the TAKANI webstore, sign up for the email newsletters or like us in social media to receive latest information. Alternatively contact us for a quote considering your individual circumstances.


Can I pick-up bikes to save delivery fees?

Currently you can pick-up our products in Brisbane. We are planning to open more pick up locations in several regions/cities step by step. Please review newest information in the TAKANI webstore, sign up for the email newsletters or like us in social media to receive latest information. Alternatively contact us for a quote considering your individual circumstances.


What are your Warranty Terms?

Please refer to the warranty section this can be found in the footer of our website.