Explore Important Safety Tips for Electric Balance Bike Adventurers

The Electric Wave: Explore Important Safety Tips for Parents of Electric Balance Bike Adventurers.

Electric balance bikes are the hottest trend in kids' biking. Being a mash-up of motorbikes and mountain bikes, these bikes bring a thrilling riding experience to young riders. However, before your little rider embarks on a journey of confidence building, it's essential to keep safety as a priority. This blog shares valuable safety tips to ensure your child's adventures are not only thrilling but also as safe as possible. Let's dive into the details:

Hands-ON or OFF the Manual?
Who actually reads the user instructions? Well, reading and understanding the user instructions is not just for 'geeks'. The TAKANI user manual contains essential safety information and tips for using the bike safely. When the kids are in bed, and with a cuppa in your hand, sit back and have a decent read. You will find it’s not just 'mumbo-jumbo'. It might actually help you understand the bike better for joyful usage and also how to extend its lifetime for maximum payback of your investment.


Gear Up For Fun:
Your thought process should start with the proper gear! Ensure your child wears a well-fitted and approved helmet that meets Australian safety standards. A helmet protects their precious head from impacts of potential falls or crashes. Body armour, knee and/or elbow pads will add an extra layer of protection, reducing the risk of bumps and scrapes. Do not forget solid and fully enclosed footwear without shoestrings. As a pack, the above gear will turn your little adventurer into a confident biking superhero!


Choose A Suitable Riding Area:

Not all trails lead to adventure. Opt for a dedicated safe riding area on private property. Public areas, like busy streets, crowded parks, bike paths and steep hills are not suitable for little learners. A spacious, fenced, flat surface provides the perfect playground for their first hours of riding.


Master the Basics:
Before hitting the higher speed settings, make sure your youngster can master the basics of balance, braking and throttle control. Let them practice in the non-powered mode first. Walking and rolling with the bike is an essential step for balancing. Once they're comfortable, you can encourage them to lift their feet off the ground for a few seconds at a time. This gradual approach builds confidence and ensures they are ready to zoom ahead. And don’t forget: the TAKANI electric balance bike has a kickstart function in the lowest speed setting, to train balancing and throttle control more gently.

The Super Supervisor:
She'll be right? Nah! Better to be safe than sorry. Monitoring a little balance bike ripper is no different from safety around the pool. Watch your child actively during their riding sessions especially if they are new to the hobby. Having a parent nearby ensures their safety and makes it a memorable bonding experience. Take heaps of videos, record the wobbles and giggles, and see them progressing as they build their confidence. Be aware: more riders equal more fun, but also increases the risk of collisions.


Learn The Brake Dance:
Electric balance bikes usually come with a hand-operated rear brake. Teach your child how to use the brakes effectively without destroying their precious school shoes. Practice braking smoothly on different ground conditions. Coach your child to avoid too sudden stops that might lead to loss of traction and balance. Knowing how to stop confidently will empower them to explore new areas of your property. Driveway turns black? Yep... a solid sign that your youngster is ready for a brake upgrade. TAKAN electric balance bikes offer a front brake kit to make them understand the differences of front braking vs. rear braking. A learning for life!


Bright Clothing and Visibility:

Don't underestimate the value of passive safety. If they look like a Lorikeet, you've done just right. Equip them with wildly coloured jerseys and gear. The crazier the better. Yes, camouflage patterns are 'cool-as', but you prefer your child to stand out from the crowd ... and from the bush behind as well.


Charge Up for Joy:
Well before embarking on the next ride, check the battery level of your electric balance bike. A fully charged battery ensures they (and you!) can enjoy the longest ride without any unexpected drama. Charge the bike after each use to keep the fun going at any time. Besides checking the battery, you are well advised to check the brake function, tyre condition and bolt connections before each ride.

In conclusion: With these safety tips in the back of your mind, your child is all set to conquer the world on their electric balance bike.

  • Gearing them up in bright colours
  • Setting the Area
  • Riding the Basics First
  • Constant Supervision
  • Braking is key
  • Charging and Checking the Bike
  • Reading the User Instructions

At TAKANI we believe riding an electric balance bike will be your families' gateway to exhilarating adventures and lifelong memories. So, let's ride the electric wave, knowing that safety is the key to a fun-filled day.

Anything you want to know? Our Team are experts in their field. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we are more than happy to answer any enquiries :)

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