Get wrapping - Our Christmas Stock has arrived!

"All through the year we've waited, waited through Winter and Spring," to hear those silver bells ringing and see our delivery person bringing the coolest of electric bikes to our store!


They've arrived, finally.

That means here at TAKANI we are full of festive cheer because we know there are going to be lots of happy, excited children waking up on Christmas morning to the best kids' electric balance bikes money can buy. So, why are our electric balance bikes so good? Read on to find out the reasons you need a TAKANI electric balance bike for your kid under the tree this year.

Designed and built by experts we've spent many, many hours thinking through the finer details of our 3 new electric balance bikes. We wanted to offer electric balance bikes for kids that are exciting, expertly crafted and great value. Think of us as Australia's premier kids' electric bike geeks. What keeps us awake at night are the components inside our highspeed brushless hub motors and perfecting our brake safety systems. The result is a TAKANI triumvirate of terrific electric balance bikes for kids.

As always, we think safety should be our and your primary consideration. You must have the right safety gear for your kids at all times, consider their skillset carefully and always accompany them, especially on their first ride.


TAKANI Electric Balance Bike 12'' - TK1224

We've set the bar high with our 2023 balance bikes. We almost wish we were there on Christmas Day to watch those little faces light up when they unwrap their new TAKANI before taking their brand-new electric balance bike on its first outing.

First up is the TK1224, an excellent electric starter bike for young kids to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, throttle control and motor skills. These bikes bridge the gap and simplify the transition from a throttle controlled balance bike to a more sophisticated dirt bike further down the road. They're the perfect way to introduce a range of skills to children from very young ages. This is the first bike you'll need to mold a pro from an early age. It's the perfect preparation for developing moto rider skills. The maximum rider weight is 35kg supported by 12.5" x 3.0" Innova fat tires on a 10-inch rim. It's therefore ideal for kids from as early as 3+ up to around the age of 5. The dependencies are their skill, weight and height. No throwaway gift, this bike has substantial reserves. The torquey motor, along with the 24V lithium battery integrated into the frame for extra safety, will keep the fun going for approximately 90 minutes at speeds of up to 18 km/h. Charge time is 2-3 hours. There is a choice of speed settings (S3-8km/h, S2-13km/h, S1-18km/h) for each rider’s skill level and the bike features a brushless "high speed'" and "high torque" hub motor. Extra features: Power safety: charge connector shut-off Beginner safety: coasting function in speed settings S3 and S2 Adjustable seat height: 385-445mm.


TAKANI Electric Balance Bike 16''-TK1648 & TK1648-RS

These bikes are ideal for kids aged 5 and upwards weighing no more than 45kg. They're the perfect precursor to our fully-fledged electric dirt bikes. We've developed these confidence builders with performance and durability as the top priorities. Their integrated 48V lithium batteries mean they stay protected from knocks and adverse outdoor conditions. They also enhance the bike's centre of gravity. The 48V highspeed brushless hub motors with 350W are there to impress. These bikes are going to make this Christmas Day the best one ever. The RS version comes with a robust front suspension, ideal when the kids move up a notch and try out more challenging bumps and grooves without getting worn out. These shock absorbers are a must-have when they start riding on rougher terrain. The bikes boast electronic motor shut-off for extra safety, are front-brake ready and have rear disc brakes that are entrapment free. They have 3-speed settings: S3-10km/h, S2-17km/h, S1-25km/h and a range of around 20 km with an approximate runtime of about an hour. With smart magnesium alloy rims and 6061 aluminium alloy frames, the TK1648 & TK1648-RS have great corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. Extra features: Power safety: charge connector shut-off Adjustable seat height: 515-595 mm (TK1648) and 520-600 mm (TK1648 RS) Suspension: front fork (TK1648 RS) Dimensions: 1280 x 530 x 755mm (TK1648) and 1287 x 530 x 770mm (TK1648 RS) Weight: 11 kg (TK1648) and 11.5 kg (TK1648 RS)


The benefits of TAKANI Electric Balance Bikes for Kids

Our super light electric-powered bikes boast designs especially created for kids. Weighing in at only a maximum of 11.5kg, kids can use these bikes as a great alternative to a conventional balance bike when initially starting out. As they grow in confidence, they can take advantage of the speed settings, the reliable performance and the assurance of chunky and wide Innova tires. Riding an electric balance bike can help shape their physical well-being, brings them outdoors and give them transferable skills because of the courage they develop. Acceleration and Braking Techniques TAKANI electric balance bikes for kids are just the right choice for soon to be rippers with little or no experience on a throttle controlled motorcycle. Your child should be able to touch the ground with a slight bend in the knees. The throttle is the holy grail of fun as they simultaneously develop braking proficiency. The kid will get thousands of hours of hand-eye coordination, balance, fresh air and outdoor exercise on the latest TAKANI electric balance bikes.

TAKANI is synonymous with value, great craftsmanship and safety. We are proud to be able to offer the 3 new additions to the TAKANI range for your families to enjoy this Christmas.


Order the Latest TAKANI Electric Balance Bikes Today

We are passionate about electric bikes for kids. That's why we've developed a range that's ideal for setting younger children on the trail to success in future more technical dirt bike riding. Although generous, Santa has only provided us with limited stocks of the latest 3 TAKANI electric balance bikes for kids.

So, to avoid disappointment, get ordering today for your choice of the best kids' electric balance bike. Don't forget to select "free shipping" at checkout. Limited to the mainland, this shipping promotion ends on December 5th 2022 or until we run out of our stock.

Please remember to stay safe by always wearing the right protective gear and by staying on private property.

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