How to Choose the Perfect Dirt Bike for your Kids

"Can I have a dirt bike?" Your kid asks out of the blues one day.

Immediately, you are thrown into a mixture of feelings. You are either excited or met with a state of concern- is my child old enough? Is it safe?

Fortunately, technological advancement has provided suitable electric dirt bikes for kids of almost all ages. These bikes range from electric balance bikes for training to electric dirt bikes for youths.

Your biggest worry now is finding the perfect dirt bike for your kid, that also makes them feel ‘cool’.

It’s important to get an ideal motorbike for your child which is appropriate to your child's age and development. Afterwards, it is all about getting the correct safety equipment for a smooth and safe time on the tracks.

This article tackles different factors to consider when looking for the perfect dirt bike for your kid.

Petrol or Electric Dirt Bikes?

Nowadays, beginner Dirt Bikes are electric. Electric motorbikes are powered by an electric battery and motor, meaning they start with a simple push of the ON button and not require kick starting like many petrol engine bikes.  

This allows kids to focus on riding. They are also lighter, easier to maintain and generally safer to ride.

Electric bikes offer noiseless operations and do not emit exhaust gases making them a greener option.

Criteria for choosing the best dirt bikes for kids

When choosing the best beginner motorbike for kids, consider the child first and not the bike.

What do we mean? The best bike for your child has to fit the child in age, height, skill and capability.

Seat Height

The first thing to get right is the size of your new dirt bike. And we mean the height and not the engine size.

While you may think age determines the right size, it only counts if your child has an average height. Since not all kids are average in height, the perfect way to get the correct size is by physically testing the bikes.

Measure your child’s leg length. Measure from crotch to floor and compare your result with the seat height in the product specification. Alternatively, take your child to your local bike track day and let your kid physically sit on the dirt bike. There will be experts on hand to answer any questions and this can be a great way of putting your mind at ease when it comes to letting your child start in the sport.

You can sit on our TAKANI bikes or see them in action in Brisbane region. Every Saturday we partner with a Motocross school in the Sleeman Sport Complex located in Chandler. Come to pay us a visit. Alternatively we have bikes located at the Fort Lytton Motocross Club near Brisbane port. Contact us for a viewing.

The best indication of the right size is your child's ability to touch the ground while sitting on the bike. Putting their feet on the ground helps them stabilise as they learn to control the bike. An electric balance bike is the perfect option in this case.

Have your child sit on the bike, and if the toes touch the ground, it is perfect. Have them wear riding boots. Since riding boots have large heels, the balls of the child's feet should touch the ground.

If the balls of the feet touch the ground barefoot, your child may outgrow the bike too quickly.

Once you have determined your child’s bike fit, you can simply jump on our website and order the right bike to suit their size.

We offer free assembly and free deliver to the Brisbane region, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba areas.

Engine Size

A child should start with a dirt bike with manageable acceleration which is another reason electric bikes are perfect for beginners. You could start by buying your child the TAKANI Electric Balance Bike 16 with different speed settings for training and gaining confidence.

Later on, as the child has learnt how to control the throttle on the dirt bike on different terrains, you could upgrade to more robust and faster electric dirt bikes.

However, maintain your enthusiasm and increase the power within the child's riding ability. You will not want your child's motorbike overwhelming them in the early stages. This could leave them with lasting negative memories.

Tyre Size

"What does tyre size have to do with a bike if the seat height is right?” You may be wondering.

The tyres of your kids' dirt bike determine ride stability and comfort. Large wheels offer better stability and absorb shock more efficiently. However, they also add more weight to the bike.

Smaller wheels offer more agility due to their light weight. Your kid will be able to take turns more easily helping them gain confidence as they ride. A good learners bike has a tyre size of 10-12 inch.

Motor Type

There are three types of motors for youth dirt bikes, two-stroke, four-stroke and electric.

No matter what you choose, the two-stroke and four-stroke engines will both offer large power outputs which can be a little daunting for new riders. They are also noisier, emit more greenhouse gasses and will both require some regular maintenance and additional fuel to keep them running at their optimum.

Fortunately, with electric bikes you can get similar power, and you need not worry about engine types anymore. The TAKANI TK1210-13  and TAKANI TK1412-15 Electric Dirt Bikes will give your child sufficient power and variable speeds.

The adjustable speed and torque means your child can train with progressive and controlled increases. You will also not have to worry about oil and exhaust fumes, burns on a hot exhaust…or your hearing!

Transmission and Throttle

The best dirt bike will allow your kids to concentrate on mastering their skills in becoming good little riders. Therefore, getting them a bike with automatic clutch and throttle limiters helps them develop their skills in speed and balance much faster.

The great thing about the TAKANI MIDI Dirt Bikes is that they offer speed limit settings. With speed limits settings, you can allow the child to engage in learning self-control before increasing the speed.

Additionally, TAKANI dirt bikes feature no clutch and are fully automatic which eliminates the need for gear changes giving your child time to learn the art of dirt biking before worrying about gears. Exactly the same as riding a bike before upgrading to a mountain bike with 15 speeds.

Do Not Forget Safety

Falls are bound to happen during practice. The best way to keep your child safe is to get them the proper protective gear. Ensure they are used at all times, fit properly and are of good standard.

 Some essential beginner gear includes:

  • Full head helmet
  • Goggles
  • Fitted riding boots
  • Gloves
  • Chest and Back protector
  • Knee and elbow guards
  • Off-road boots

Let Your Child Explore

Dirt biking is a great way for kids to blow off extra steam, it gets them outside exploring their environment and teaches them about balance, control and safety.

If you want to get them the safest and most reliable dirt bike on the market then you can’t go past a TAKANI MIDI Dirt Bike. Where safety comes first.

Follow the link to find out more or contact us today!

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