Risks and Safety Around Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

There's risk in almost anything we do, from daily tasks like crossing the road to engaging in sports like surfing and mountain biking. We're always weighing up whether what we want to do is worth the potential consequences.

Your kids are likely to be your most precious assets. But, we know it's also not good to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool. They learn best from their own experiences and the job of a parent is to steer them a little to minimise any health risks.

Get the lowdown on electric dirt bike safety with our step-by-step guide.

It's All in the Prep!

You know your kids better than anyone. Some may be natural dirt bike riders, others may have all the potential to become great bike mechanics. You must, of course, play to their strengths but you should also help them to fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

You can check the level of your child's skills and competencies by using our bike readiness checklist here. You may have noticed, TAKANI does not offer training wheels or stabilisers in our electric dirt bike ranges. In our opinion, motorcycle control requires riders, who are "good to go."

We've found that riding a regular unpowered push bike and then an electric balance bike is the best training before moving on to electric dirt bikes. It teaches balance, helps with hand-eye coordination and gives kids the experience they need to understand when the best course of action is to slow down or stop.

Getting to Know Your Electric Dirt Bike

You should get to know a few basics about how your new TAKANI electric dirt bike works, along with what safety equipment your kids should always be wearing.

Designed for home servicing, our bikes will need unpacking and assembling. This is a great opportunity to check out the key safety features and key risks features with your kids. Remember to switch the bike OFF and to remove the fuse 😉. It's a task we'd always encourage you to do together as there is more to dirt biking than just the fun of riding.

There's something reassuring about knowing that everything will have had a final check from you as a parent. Here are some best practices:

  • Read the user manual and coach your child in the safety instructions that are described
  • Make sure your kids can balance the weight of the bike confidently
  • Can they reach and operate the brakes confidently? Are they familiar with front and rear brakes and are able to explain the difference?
  • Make sure your kids know where the bike's emergency on/off button is
  • Ensure the bike is set at low speed and power when they first use the bike
  • Never operate the throttle when you are not sitting on the bike and are ready to ride.
  • If there's anything you don't understand, ask us!

Buying the Right Safety Gear

Investing in good quality, approved protective gear is the best insurance you can give your kids.

That begins with a well-fitting helmet. Buy an Australian approved helmet made specifically for riding an electric dirt bike or motorcycle. Always ensure that your child knows how to put their helmet on properly and is fully fastened before they start riding.

Kids can grow at astonishing speeds, so you must make sure that all their safety gear  matches their current size and strength when riding. Never skimp on gloves, goggles, MX boots, limb and chest protection. Go for the best you can afford. Ensure that your child knows that they must look after ALL of their safety gear just as much as they must look after their dirt bike.

Extra Safety Precautions To Take

Here are a few of the essential safeguards you should always take when the kids want to ride on their electric dirt bikes:

  • Always check the weather and only take children to ride in fine, dry conditions
  • Only let your kids ride on private ground or private property such as dedicated  training tracks for dirt bikes
  • Never let the kids ride on public roads or cul-de-sacs, green-strips, parks or public areas. There are always other kids, obstacles and bystanders that could lead or get involved in a crash
  • Ensure you monitor and supervise all young riders at all times
  • Always adhere to local regulations when using a TAKANI bike

Every beginner's dirt bike is different, so you should always check the recommended minimum rider age listed under the technical specifications of our products.

Keep rides shorter rather than longer. We've found that young riders can begin to lose concentration well before the battery runs out of juice. 30-45 minutes should be more than enough to make them tired when the kids are starting out on an electric dirt bike.

Looking After Your Bike for Optimum Safety

TAKANI bikes require minimal maintenance but keeping beginner's dirt bikes clean is going to help to make them last a lot longer. It's also a useful skill for kids to learn that helps them take pride in their possessions.

By its very nature, a beginner's dirt bike is going to get filthy! The clue is in the name. But, you should never use a high-pressure washer as you could damage some of the electronic components of the dirt bike.

The best practice is to use a garden hose with a gun along with some brushes, a bucket and a little specialist motorcycle detergent. Find out more here about where and where not to aim your hose! It really does make a difference.

Don't Be the Weakest Link!

You should also regularly clean and oil the chain. An electric dirt bike chain is one of your bike's most crucial parts. Sometimes you may need to adjust the chain's tension.

You can check this by gently moving it. It should not be possible to nudge it more than 4-8mm up and down. You can see how to do this on your electric dirt bike here and learn how to adjust it properly when necessary.

Remember that if you were to ride our electric dirt bikes repeatedly in wet conditions you will actively reduce the lifespan of the bike and increase the risk of issues. It may ultimately damage the bike's electronics and may result in the bike failing to work properly at some stage.

Stay Safer on Your TAKANI Bike

We want all our customers and their kids to get the most out of every TAKANI electric dirt bike that we sell. Ultimately, all leisure and sporting products that provide a thrill and that are sold across the globe get used at their owner's risk. Dirt bikes for kids are no different.

Follow the simple steps in our guide to help keep your kids safer. As ever, if there's anything you don't understand, we are always available to help.

We love finding out what works best so get in touch with us now whether you have a burning question or a top tip we can pass on to other keen young TAKANI riders.

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