The Future of Kids’ Biking: Why Electric Balance Bikes Are a Game-Changer

Sometimes, a new gadget or way of getting from A to B comes along that revolutionises the landscape and disrupts convention. A kids' electric balance bike is a classic example.

There’s a long list of reasons why the electric toddler bike and other balance bikes for kids are making a positive change to a key leisure activity. They’ve become the 2-wheeled must-have for parents and their kids. Read on to find out why.

Electric Balance Bikes Explained

An electric balance bike differs from its traditional cousin because it gives the rider the option of using an electric motor. Now battery sizes and charging times have become far more manageable, these bikes have increased in popularity.

They’re lightweight and easy to carry around. However, they are not toys. Before kids use the power, they need to learn how to balance using the bike in the same way as a non-electric balance bike.

More and more of us have become environmentally savvy. We tend to be always on the lookout for new ways to create less waste, buy products that are more friendly to the planet, work well and offer value for money. Electric balance bikes tick every box and more.

The Benefits of Electric Balance Bikes

Kids can use an electric balance bike as an aid for learning about stability. They need to develop gross motor skills that rely on bigger muscle groups. These skills include the movement and coordination of large body parts including the arms and legs.

Once they have mastered these, they can transition to using the electric motor on the same bike.

They’ve done all the hard balancing work and are now all set and ready to go. Because an electric toddler bike acts as a starter balance bike, there’s no need to fork out for another bike once they’re ready to use the engine.

Zero Emissions and Cheaper to Run

Each kids' electric balance bike gets its power from a lithium-ion battery. These don’t release any harmful fumes and emissions. That’s compared to what we’ve become used to from engine-operated 2-stroke bikes. And that’s without any loss in performance.

The result is that they are far better for the planet. They also offer a cheaper fuelling alternative when compared to petrol-powered options. If you’ve already gone solar, charging could even be free.

An Electric Balance Bike is Low Maintenance

The entire operating system of a kids’ electric balance bike is cleaner and offers greater efficiency compared to more traditional petrol-based engines. That makes them far easier to maintain as there are fewer parts.

You and the kids will have more time to enjoy riding the electric balance bike. These bikes require far fewer hours spent fixing and cleaning them.

Less of Nuisance for Neighbours

All our balance bikes for kids are noise-free. That means you don’t have to worry about waking up the neighbours on a sunny Sunday morning when the kids fancy a ride on their balance bike.

A huge threat to the future of traditional motorcycles has been the disappearance of motocross tracks in Australia. That’s in part because of noise issues in urban areas.

With a kids’ electric balance bike, there’s none of the engine revving we’ve come to associate with petrol-based bikes. That’s a massive advantage in terms of reduced noise pollution.

More Child Friendly

Because electric balance bikes are quiet and produce no emissions, they’re a great way to educate kids about tangible ways to be environmentally friendly. Electric bikes are simple to recharge and retain the classic appearance of a traditional model.

Electric balance bikes are also very safe. Our designers spent many hours finessing the best shape and style for better performance.

Our experts have also thought through the careful positioning of the controls on an electric balance bike, making the whole riding process easier. As with other types of bikes, the usual precautions and safety gear are necessary.

The Future of Kids' Biking

Once you’ve become used to riding an electric balance bike, it’s hard to switch to anything else. Their benefits are clear and allow for easy transitioning to electric dirt bikes as the kids get older.

Given plans to get rid of all vehicles powered by fossil fuels, there would appear to be little doubt that the demand for electric balance looks set to increase. We are already seeing an uptick in sales as their popularity grows.

The Safety Features of Electric Balance Bikes

We at TAKANI take safety extremely seriously. That’s why for 2023 we’ve added even more safety features for extra peace of mind. For example, this year in some of our models, we’ve included a 'coasting' or 'kick-start' function in the lower speed settings. This acts as a training booster and safety function simultaneously.

The throttle only engages the motor when a child is already balancing and rolling on the bike. This mitigates any risk of falling. It also lets kids learn more quickly as the function means they get rewarded when using the bike properly.

Features and Options to Match Your Child’s Age and Ability

Height, size, weight, age, experience and ability are going to be key factors when choosing the right electric balance bike for a youngster. You should always read up on the safety features of any bike you have your eye on so that it’s a good match for the child who’ll be using it.

Because electric balance bikes tend to be lighter these days, their weight and stability can be key advantages for children who may have special physical challenges. We’ve integrated our 24V and 48V lithium batteries into the frame. That boosts safety by protecting the battery and also makes the bike more stable.

If you’re considering buying an electric balance bike for a child, we would recommend:

● Always buying from a reputable dealer and brand like TAKANI

● Checking out all the safety options and performance specification on the bike

● Compare the market. Go for quality as well as pleasing aesthetic design.

Get in Touch with Us Here at TAKANI, we’re passionate about electric balance bikes. If you have any questions about our range or just want reassurance that you’re making the right selection, get in touch with us today.

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