Throttle Desings explained - what to choose for your electric balance bike


Electric dirt bikes and electric balance bikes have become a popular choice for youngsters. They offer a fun, futuristic and eco-friendly way to explore the world ‘off-road’. When selecting the right electric dirt bike for your child, one crucial factor to consider is the throttle design. In this blog post, we will explore the two most common and distinct throttle designs:
  • the ‘split-throttle’ design and the ‘full-throttle’ design

We will be highlighting their respective advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these differences will help parents make informed purchasing decisions to ensure their child's safety and enjoyment of the bike.

Lets define Split-throttle and Full-throttle

A bike with Split-Throttle accelerates when the rider twists a ring part of the throttle grip only. The outer (right) part of the grip does not turn.

A bike with Full-Throttle accelerates when the rider twists the whole grip.


Please note: there is no performance difference between the 'full-throttle' and the 'split-throttle'. A full throttle bike is not faster than a half-throttle bike ;), its just the design of the grip.

There are different names for the 'split-throttles'. Some companies may use names like '50%-Throttle', or 'Half-Throttle', or 'Ring-throttle'. But essentially these all mean the same.

However, please don't confuse the 'split-throttle' with a 'thumb-throttle', Thumb-throttles are different again, but are not explained here.

Advantages of Split-Throttles

  1. Easier to Hold Consistent Speed When Hand Coordination is Developing: One significant advantage of a split-throttle design for kids is that it makes it easier for them to maintain a consistent speed in different situations. Especially during the early stages of electric balance bike riding, when hand coordination and throttle control is still developing, the split throttle makes it easier to keep consistent speed when riding curves or riding long stretches (not repeatedly braking and accelerating) Or when navigating bumpy and uneven terrain the split throttle helps riding in a controlled and consistent style.

The two separate grip sections of the split-throttle (twistable sliding ring and outer fixed grip area) allows the child to twist the split-throttle with thumb, index finger and middle finger whilst ring finger and little finger remain in contact with the fixed section of the grip. In this way young riders can twist the throttle more sensitively to achieve the desired speed and at the same time they can keep directional control of the handlebars

  1. Reduced Risk of Throttle Getting Stuck in the Ground: Another benefit of a split throttle that is crucial for safety is that it minimizes the risk of the throttle getting stuck in the ground when a child falls on the right-hand side of the bike. When the throttle gets lodged in the ground, the motor and wheel can continue or accelerate to spin at highest revolutions, thus significantly increasing the risk of injury. Split throttles can prevent this dangerous scenario by reducing the chances of the throttle getting jammed.

  2. Higher Chance of ‘Letting-Go” in Panic Situations: In panic situations when a child unintentionally clasps the throttle tightly, there's a higher chance of letting go of the throttle with the split design. This is because the child can maintain a good grip with their outer fingers of the right hand on the handlebars while releasing the throttle. This easier release can help prevent accidents caused by unintentional acceleration. Also when by-standers hold or pick up the bike, there is less chance for unintentional throttle activation when touching the grip. Remember for an electric bike there is no motor idle sound. Any throttle activation can suddenly and unexpectedly propel the bike forward.

  3. Longer Lifetime and Durability of the Throttle: Split throttles tend to have a longer lifetime and greater reliability. When the bike falls repeatedly on its side, the impact stress does not directly affect the mechanics and electronics within the split-throttle. This added protection can extend the lifespan of the throttle, reduce malfunctions and extend the periods between throttle replacements.

  4. Reduced Risk of Throttle Jamming with Handlebar Accessories: When installing handlebar accessories such as bar ends or lever guards to enhance safety and protection, there is less risk of the throttle getting jammed by the accessories. This reduces the potential for dangerous situations where the throttle remains stuck in the "open" position due to contact with the aftermarket accessories.

Disadvantages of Split-Throttles

  1. Harder to Grip for Small Children's Hands: One drawback of split throttles is that, for smooth operation, the “throttle-ring" is typically of a slightly larger diameter than the fixed parts of the throttle grip. This larger diameter can make it more challenging for short children's hands to grip the throttle reliably, potentially affecting their control and comfort.

  2. Awkward Transition for Riders Used to Full Throttle: Kids who have learned and become accustomed to using full throttles may find the transition to a split throttle design awkward. The distinct feel and operation of a split throttle can take time to get used to, potentially causing initial discomfort or hesitation.

  3. More challenging to customise with aftermarket grips: Planning to ‘pimp your ride’ with some cool, coloured and differently shaped MX grips? It’s possible, but it can a bit challenging. For split-throttles there are usually no aftermarket motorbike grips available. Often, you will have to browse through push-bike and/or scooter shops until you find suitable grip that you really like. Then you will have to modify the grip by cutting it to length, applying tape and/or gluing. It’s possible, but it can be finicky.

Advantages of Full-Throttles

  1. Simplicity and Familiarity: Full throttles offer a simple and familiar design and feel, making them an excellent choice for kids who have already learned to ride using this throttle design. The full throttle is found on almost 100% of petrol motorcycles and standard for many decades.

  2. Easier for Small Hands to Grip: Full throttle grips tend to be more frequently available and often offer a smaller grip diameter. This can be more accommodating for small children's hands. This can enhance comfort and control and a firm grip, especially for the youngest of riders.

  3. Minimal Learning Curve: There is virtually no learning curve when transitioning from a full throttle to another full throttle design. Kids can continue riding with ease, without having to adapt to a new throttle design.

  4. Ease of Customization with Aftermarket Grips: Full throttles offer advantages when it comes to customization. Because almost all petrol dirt bikes also feature full throttles, the aftermarket industry offers a wide range of hand grips in various materials, sizes/diameters, colors, and patterns. This diversity allows young riders and their parents to choose the grip that suits their style and taste best. Customizing the grip can not only enhance the looks of the bike but can also contribute to the rider's comfort and control.

  5. Authentic Dirt Bike Look and Feel: Another appealing aspect of full throttles is that they provide an authentic dirt bike look and feel. For kids who aspire to emulate the experience of riding a traditional petrol-powered dirt bike, a full throttle design can replicate that sensation. The familiarity of a full throttle can contribute to a more immersive riding experience, allowing young riders to enjoy the thrill of off-road adventures while feeling like they are riding a genuine petrol dirt bike.

These additional advantages underscore the appeal of full throttles, particularly for kids who want to personalize their electric dirt bike and experience the nostalgia of traditional dirt bike riding. While split throttles offer advanced control and safety features, full throttles provide a sense of authenticity and customization that can enhance a child's enjoyment of the sport.

Disadvantages of Full-Throttles

  1. Limited Control Over Each Hand: Full throttles provide equal power distribution to both wheels, limiting the rider's ability to independently control the front and rear wheels. This can be a disadvantage when navigating challenging terrains or maintaining traction.

  2. Higher Risk of Throttle Stuck in Ground: With a full throttle, the risk of the throttle getting stuck in the ground when a child falls on the right-hand side of the bike is higher. This scenario can lead to unintended acceleration and potential accidents.


Selecting the right throttle design for your child's electric dirt bike involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both split-, and full-throttle options.

TAKANI has made a deliberate choice to equip all TAKANI electric dirt bikes and electric balance bikes with the split-throttle design. This decision is rooted in our commitment to prioritizing safety and durability for children's products. We firmly believe that the advantages offered by the split throttle, including enhanced control and safety features, align with our mission to provide young riders with a secure and enjoyable experience.

However, at TAKANI, we also understand that individual preferences vary, and some riders may have a strong preference for the full throttle design. Therefore, where technically and commercially feasible, we are pleased to offer our customers the option to switch to a full throttle design if that better suits their riding style and preferences. Our aim is to ensure that every young electric balance bike rider enjoys the thrill of off-road adventures in a way that aligns with their comfort and choice, while keeping their safety at the forefront of our product offerings.

Ultimately, the choice is with the parents. You should take into consideration your child's age, hand size, experience level, and riding preferences. Ensuring that your child is comfortable and capable of safely operating the throttle is paramount. Additionally, proper supervision and active coaching are always essential for a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Please also note that there are other throttle options. TAKANI has been approached by many parents who want to try thumb-throttles, or throttles mounted on the left-hand side. These are however very individual solution and could fill another blog post.

If you have further questions about throttles of electric dirt bikes and electric balance bikes, please contact our specialist as TAKANI. We will be happy to help.



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