What To Look For in a Beginner Dirt Bike

Thinking about getting your kids into dirt bike riding? Worried that they lose interest, noise complaints, transport, maintenance and repair?

Read on… there is a fix!

There’s no doubt about it: dirt bikes have come a long way. Especially electric dirt bikes for kids start hitting Australian shores and open up a new world of excitement and fun for young families. With these electric bikes, neighbourhood noise issues are a thing of the past. Suddenly there are many more opportunities to get onto the saddle. Whether you battle friends in the backyard, hitting the trails for a day of touring, go camping or aiming to verse juniors on the training track, you want state of the art technology and the best support available.

Electric dirt bikes come with a long list of advantages over petrol bikes. They help young riders blasting around with power, but without the intimidations and annoyances of petrol-powered bikes. If you want your family staying safe and worry-free, this is what you should look for.


Low Maintenance

Kids strive when they can improve their skills while riding. Progress nurtures their self-esteem. But rider progress is only possible when the bike is also ready to ride. Traditional petrol dirt bikes come with time consuming parts and service requirements to keep them rolling. Service and maintenance downtime reduces your child’s riding time and increases parents’ financial outlay and time commitment for the new hobby. Being overwhelmed by all the ‘side business’ some parents and children abandon the new hobby soon. How many families have brought a new pet into their home only to discover soon that Mum and Dad now have a lot more work and cost on their hands than estimated? For dirt bike riding your effort and return should be in balance.

If you want your kids to have access to a low maintenance bike that is always available for a spin, the TAKANI Electric Dirt Bike TK1210-13 delivers. With significantly reduced maintenance requirements, this bike is ideal for use on hard packed or turfed grounds and is maintained within minutes.

Gone are the old days of burned-out clutches, clogged carburettors, jets, transmission issues,, busted O-rings and seals, oil leaks, ignition and spark plug issues, top-end and bottom-end rebuilds. All of the above does not apply to a TAKANI electric dirt bike.

After your ride, simply wash your TAKANI off. Avoid using a pressure washer and rinse it with a hose or a sponge. Keep an eye on the brakes, tyres, spokes. Adjust chain tension frequently. With a few minutes of attention and a good charge, this electric dirt bike is quickly kept ready for its next ride.


Safety Features

Staying safe is paramount. Anyone riding a dirt bike needs to wear complete and approved protection equipment, such as helmet, neck brace, gloves, boots and protectors for body and limbs and long arm/leg apparel. Apart from this, look for automatic transmissions, adjustable speed settings, along with a hydraulic brakes and motor shut-off functionality

Electric dirt bikes, in general, are safer for the learner than their petrol-powered counterparts. With an electric dirt bike, you avoid the risk of getting burned on a hot engine or exhaust pipe.  E-motorbikes do not expose hot surfaces. In addition, they produce no fumes and so you never have to worry about being exposed to harmful fumes that require ventilation. Finally, with no need for clutch or gear shifting, being a lighter ride, an electric dirt bike is easier to master, and as such reduces the likelihood of falls. Safety and fun go hand-in-hand with a TAKANI. A no-brainer.


Steep Learning Curve

Riding a traditional petrol-powered dirt bike can be an intimidating experience for new riders. They are loud, ‘stinky’, heavy, hot, have a clutch, a gear shift lever, a hand brake, a foot brake and a throttle. All these controls are new to most riders and they are suddenly expected to manage all of these at the same time. This comes in addition to keeping balance and keeping eyes on the track. On top of all they are wearing safety gear, trying to perform in front of the prying eyes of parents, siblings, friends and bystanders. Sounds like fun?

It comes to no surprise that some kids are overwhelmed and don’t want to touch their dirt bikes anymore after a few minutes of trialling.


Take a video of me….pleeeaase!

With a TAKANI riding is more to what they are used to. Kids can easily ride at a meandering leisure speed down the path at about 8km/hour or ramp up to about 40km/hour without the need of gear shifting. Torque/acceleration and throttle sensitivity is adjustable as well, so that young riders are not overwhelmed by motorised power. Both brakes are located on the handlebar, same with their push bikes. There is no clutch. Dirt bike riding is suddenly easier to learn and kids reach the fun stage a lot sooner: acceleration and braking, cornering, skidding, small jumps, backyard track building. This learning curve boosts self-confidence and pride. ‘Did you take a photo?’,  ‘Can I see it?’


With a TAKANI you can ride wherever and whenever without feeling rushed by others to keep up. Learn at your own pace.

 A TAKANI offers your family accessible, safe and worry free excitement.

Because it is built to be adjustable to each kids’ ability and skill. Because it is easy to transport and maintain. Because it is built with quality and durability in mind. Because it is not breaking the bank…..and because it offers real dirt bike looks!

Contact TAKANI today and browse our products online. Fun awaits!

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