What to Look for in an Electric Balance Bike

Dirt biking has been around for over one hundred years and during that time, significant innovation has taken place. Today, even young kids can enjoy the thrill of getting out in the fresh air and away from screens to ride down paths, courses, and hills while keeping up with the gang.

And gone are the days of needing to wait until you’re old enough to participate.

 As a solid introduction to dirt biking, electric balance bikes give kids the independence they crave while developing their balance, throttle control, and fine motor skills. What features stand out in an electric balance bike as must-haves? Let’s take a look.

Ultra Low Seat Height

 When searching for an electric balance bike, look for one with an ultra-low seat. A seat positioned lower to the ground instils confidence in younger riders, making it easier for them to plant their feet on solid ground while sitting on the bike.  A low seat means your child can touch their foot on the ground when they find themselves off-balance, allowing them to easily correct their position and to start rolling well before the throttle engages. Balancing is easier with your centre of gravity closer to the ground and a lower seat allows for this.

In addition, look for a bike with an adjustable seat. Kids are constantly growing and being able to keep pace is a definite plus!

 Lightweight Construction

An electric balance bike like the Takani 16” electric balance bike helps develop hand-eye coordination through its lightweight frame. You want to avoid heavy materials that can make the bike difficult for young riders to manoeuvre or to pick up. Built with a 6061 aluminium alloy frame and magnesium alloy rims, TAKANI bikes allow riders to navigate hills and turns with conviction.


No one appreciates new equipment that breaks easily. Look for durable parts and materials when investing in a balance bike. The Takani 12” and 16” electric balance bikes feature the latest technology and are made with a high speed and high torque hub motor. This means less moving can crack and fracture, leaving you with a new toy that lasts. The fully integrated battery is protected from the elements and helps optimise the bike’s centre of gravity with a low placement for a smooth ride.

Easy Access Foot Rest

 A well-constructed electric balance bike should also have a food pad that is well placed and easy to access. This allows riders to either sit or stand while they ride, promoting proper balance and posture that prepares them for dirt bike riding.

Fast Charging

TAKANI electric balance bikes run on a battery that can be charged in just a few hours. This means you don’t need to wait overnight to get in your next ride. Everyone can ride again together, sooner.

Variable Speed Settings

As a beginner bike, an electronic balance bike should come with variable speed settings. Look for bikes that go as slow as 4-6 km/hour to start with and go up 18-24km/h. With variable speed settings, you can choose the right speed to match your child’s skill level and terrain. If mastered, higher speeds will come with a bigger bike at a later stage.

Reliable Lithium Battery

You need power that will last. A reliable lithium battery can be recharged over and over, giving you higher energy density along with a lower self-discharge rate compared with other rechargeable batteries. TAKANI’s electric balance bike comes with lithium batteries that are fully integrated, giving a solid hour of riding power.

Get your kids on the track sooner with an electric balance bike you can trust. Built to last and available for prices you can afford, TAKANI bikes make dirt biking accessible to all ages. Get the whole gang outside and back to active play. Browse our selection online and order today. 


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