Why Electric Dirt Bikes Are The Gifts That Keep On Giving

We all know what a great feeling it is when we can say to ourselves, "That's Christmas sorted!"

Studies have found that gearing up for the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year. Part of the reason can be the difficulty to come up with original and affordable gift ideas that are going to keep the kids happy, engaged and away from screens.

Come along for the ride as we find out why TAKANI has the best kids' electric dirt bikes, offering a great solution to that age old chestnut: the Christmas gift conundrum.

Why Buy an Electric Dirt Bike for Kids?

Picture it. What does your average Australian family mealtime look like these days? One recent survey found that 70 percent of families don’t sit down together for dinner every night. Many cited a reluctance to be apart from their smartphones as one of the key drivers for this.

Beginners' dirt bikes offer a range of new opportunities that:

  • Do not require staying glued to a smartphone
  • Allow time for parents to bond with their kids
  • Give the kids a taste of freedom and adulthood in an exciting way
  • Get the kids outdoors into the fresh air whilst learning new grownup skills

We've spent many years here at TAKANI perfecting models of beginners' dirt bikes that are going to suit young children and pre-teens. They have just the right amount of thrust and power to be safe and yet are a far cry from anything resembling a toy.

A Gift Idea That All the Family Can Join in With

Spring is our busiest season. It's when we take delivery of the very latest stock to meet the demand of the forthcoming Christmas season. We are excited to announce that this year we will be expanding our range with a brand new electric balance bike range – stay tuned!

Dirt bikes for kids are great all-rounders as Christmas gift solutions. That's because we've found that parents will often invest in the bike itself. This gives other relatives and friends the chance to join in by purchasing all the necessary dirt bike safety gear and accessories to go with it. So you will never run out of things to say when grandparents ask why they can buy for Christmas.

Who Can Ride Our Electric Bikes?

We aim our "midi" dirt bikes at the youth rider market. TAKANI bikes are not full-sized adult bikes but they're not mini bikes or toys either. Minimum age recommendations are consistent with major brands that manufacture similar products.

Most parents understand their children's capabilities and talents. We would always recommend discussing the options and doing a bit of research about the selected speed settings.

The Best Kids' Electric Dirt Bikes

We can have periods when stock can become limited so the best advice is to snap a Takani dirt bike now to avoid disappointment. Here's a taster of our Fab Four Electric Bikes that will make Christmas Day one to remember and cherish.

Our 2 Takani Electric Bikes

The Takani Midi Electric Dirt Bike TK1412-15 (Seat Height 680mm) and

The Takani Midi Electric Dirt Bike TK1210-13 (Seat Height 620mm)

These cool, professional-looking dirt bikes for kids lets your child hone their riding capabilities in a controlled way. Lightweight and noise-free, these bikes are confidence boosters, offering the chance to achieve the full set of dirt bike riding skills.

Designed for and tested in typical Aussie backyards, the TK1412-15 and TK1210-13 are a great match for homes with turfed or hard-packed outside areas as well as youth training tracks.

TK1412-15 Key Rider Specs:

There is a minimum age requirement of 16 years to ride this bike due to its maximum speed capability. The maximum rider weight is 65kg and the bikes have a discretionary suitability for heights above 130cm.

TK1210-13 Key Rider Specs:

There is a minimum age requirement of 13 years to ride this bike at parents' discretion due to its maximum speed capability. The maximum rider weight is also 65kg and this bike has a discretionary suitability for heights of 122cm and above.

Our newest TAKANI Electric Balance Bikes:

The TAKANI Electric Balance Bike 16" TK1648

The TAKANI Electric Balance Bike 12" TK1224

These bikes have been thoroughly refined from our first generation balance bikes.

TAKANI was already a leading performer in terms of speed and acceleration. Our adjustable maximum speeds of 18 and 25km/h respectively were already marked leading along with a maximum rider weight of 40kg. Both bikes are great for the development of balance, motor skills, throttle control and hand-eye coordination for pre-teens.

For the Christmas season 2022-2023 TAKANI has developed the new MK23 versions balance bikes.

These bikes will feature an eye-watering power of 48V and 350W. This is unmatched excitement and unlike anything else in the Australian market!

To round up the TAKANI range we will also offer a 3rd flagship model which is a race and trick oriented version of our 16'' electric balance bike. It features a front suspension, longer wheel base, are more aggressive rake, race number plate, ‘sick’ looking graphics and upgraded componentry that was specifically designed for TAKANI’s new flagship model TK1648-RS. Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter. Receive a notification and reserve a spot in the cue to get your hands onto one of these upmarket bikes.


Safety, Protective Gear and Accessories

First up, there are a couple of "nos." You should never let your child ride their bikes in wet conditions. We'd encourage you to show your kids how to look after and clean their bikes, as you must not use a pressure washer as this can damage the bikes' electrical components.

A Dirt Bike Helmet and Boots

There is no more important piece of dirt bike safety gear than a helmet and not simply any old bicycle helmet. Your child should always wear a full-face motorcycle helmet that will protect the chin and sides of their face as well as their head. This is not an accessory your child should "grow into." It needs to fit properly at all times.

A good pair of riding boots is another essential that will protect shins and feet. A decent pair of mountain bike gloves or even workers' gloves can work well and help break a fall. In addition, we'd recommend you provide your child with gear that includes:

  • Chest and back protection or body armour with integrated shoulder safeguards
  • Knee and elbow guards to eliminate scrapes and cuts
  • A good quality neck brace
  • Jersey and pants: some come with integrated knee pads
  • A kidney belt to protect the lower back and core
  • Goggles to keep dirt out of the eyes

Get Christmas in the Bag!

We understand how stressful Christmas time can be but we are confident we can turn it into an exciting and thrilling occasion. We are proud to be able to offer some of the best kids' electric dirt bikes on the market.

Get in touch today or buy online and make this year's Christmas extra special by ordering from the TAKANI range of beginner dirt bikes for kids today.

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