Higher Deluxe Seat (+20mm)
Higher Deluxe Seat (+20mm)
Higher Deluxe Seat (+20mm)

Higher Deluxe Seat (+20mm)

Regular price$99.00

Catch up with your youngsters growth. This deluxe seat increases the seat height of the TAKANI dirt bike by 20mm. But this seat is not just 'higher'...

It is also wider and softer, thus making the seat a lot more comfy for longer ride sessions. Feel the difference straight away. Stretched with slip-resistant 'Grippa' vinyl material it offers superior functionality and durability compared to the standard seat.


  • UV stabilised
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to flexing
  • Resistance to blocking 
  • Available in 'black' or 'grey'

Exclusive for TAKANI dirt bikes, this seat is handmade for you in Australia by 'Samford EMX'.  An effective  and affordable enhancement of your bike. 

* only for TAKANI dirt bikes

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